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Fire fighting water pumps Equipment
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JBQ10-11 46hp Fire Pump, Fire Fighting water pumps
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fire-fighting pumps

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Factory produced according to international advanced standards, Now it has more than 30 types of high-precision production equipment, more than 10 fully-automatic imported processing centers, and 3 fully-automatic assembly lines. Equipped with advanced testing laboratories and various imported professional testing equipment.

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Founded in 1998, HuaQiu factory has been focusing on the production & development of high-quality fire pump products for sale, and sales worldwide, and maintaining customer satisfaction services.

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Our fire protection products

Portable fire pumps

Here we have two dfferent power engines for the portable emergency fire fighting pumps.

Petrol engine fire pumps
In order to meet the different customers requests, we use 3 types engines (they are Briton,Honda,Lifan)to make the different level pressures and flows fire fighting pumps

Diesel engine fire pumps
The diesel engine fire pumps can save more energy than pertrol engine while satisfying power .normally we provide the middle presuure fire pumps.

Portable Fire Pumps

Forest Fire Pump

The forest fire pumps has 2 types, one is movealbe forest fire pumps,the other one are protable forest fire pumps.

Portable forest fire pumps
this type fire pumps use four-stroke petrol engine.(honda engine,kohler engine)
safe and stable operation to make sure the high lift and high flows process

Moveable forest fire pumps
this type fire pumps's weight is light than the protable fire pupms ,so it can easy and fast to move to the fire place.

Forest Fire Pump

Floating Fire Pump

Their common features are light weight small volume and simple operation,and they all use a four-stroke petrol engine.
we have 2 type floating fire pumps. one has the remote control,the other one without the remote control.

Floating Fire Pump

water mist fire fighting equipment

The water mist fire fighting equipments has 4 types

Lithium battery power
Powered by high-performance lithium battery and brushless motor,and italy pumps.this fire fighting device can fast start and response,less noise etc.

Petrol engine power
Petrol engine power give the device more stable working status,it can meet the needs of long-term fire fighting.

Diesel engine power
Under the same output power and pressure,the diesel engine can save more energy and reducing the emissions of harmful substances.

Backpack type(electric)
light weight,samll volume,and less noise.Effectively purify smoke and exhaust gas, and quickly cool down,prevent the fire from spreading.

Multifunction fire nozzle

No recoil fire nozzle
Rotary switch can achieve spray ,direct water spray and flower shape spray.
Connection methods support German, British, American standard.

Foam fire nozzle
Connection methods support German, British, American,Japan standard.
adjustable self-absorption foam ratio.

Dry powder fire nozzle
Connection methods support female screw thread,Intubation.spraying distance 16m.powder spraying quantity 5kg.

Puncture fire nozzle
The body length is 1m ,easy to cross the fire and spray the water into the center of the fire.

Water curtain barrier fire nozzle
spray the water curtain, effectively lower the temperature and reduce harmful gases.protect the lives of firefighters.

Other fire fighting equipment and accessories

Fire fighting suit set
Fire fighting suit set including the fire helmet, fire top, fire pants, fire gloove,
fire top and pants useing the high quality flame-retardant outer layer, waterproof layer, heat insulation layer, inner layer composition.
we support custom logo and design ,oem support etc.

Fire fighting ropes
High strength polyester knitting,and steel core inside.Moderately soft, not easy to break.

Fire fighting hose
High strength polyester knitting.good abrasion resistance, strong compression resistance, compact and water-proof.

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