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JBC6.0/20-HD HuaQiu Diesel Engine Fire Fighting Water Pump

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Categorie: Portable Fire Pump, Diesel Engine Fire Pump

Main configuration

  • Electric start
  • Bronze vacuum pump
  • Carbon Fiber Slide
  • 90 degree rotable outlet valve
  • Diesel engine
  • Automatic shutdown protection device


Large-capacityvacuum pump
The improved wacuumpump cavity is twice theexhaust volume of theoriginal cavity. Whenthe air is pumped, theair in the cavity can beexhausted in a shortertime, so that the watercan be dischargedfaster.

Low Noise
The well-designed large-capacity exhaust cylinder can effectively absorb the noise emitted by the engine and effectively reduce noise pollution.

Original enginepower upgrade
Improve the air intakesystem and fine-tune theinjection time to achievethe effect of fullcombustion.Adjust theprimary coil voltage ofthe ignition coil to makethe secondary coilstronger agnetoelectricperformance,so as toincrease the originalengine power

Multiple devices connected
Through a dedicated connection tool, multiple devices can work in series at the same time to achieve the purpose of long-distance water supply.


Model Number: JBC6.0/20HD
Engine: HD 2V95, 4 strokes, 2 cylinders, air cooled diesel engine.
Output Power: 21KW (28.5HP)
Pump performance: 1140L/min@0.70MPa, 1400L/min@0.5MPa, 1500L/min@0.40MPa
Total Weight: 127kg
Dimensions: 800x640x900(mm)

Model: 4 Strokes
Cylinders: Double Cylinders
Fuel Type: Diesel 0# and below
Tank Capacity: 12L
Fuel System: Direct Fuel Injection
Lubrication system: Forced splash lubrication
Engine oil capacity: 3.5L
Starter: Electric start
Ignition method: Compression ignition
Fuel consumption: 6L/h

Pump Specification: Single stage centrifugal pump
Inlet Diameters: 3" (80mm)
Outlet Diameter: 2.5"(65mm)
Number of outlets: 1
Outlet valve type: Flat check valve
Priming system: Rotary vane vacuum pump
Suction time Maximum: <=15s
Maximum suction depth: 9m
Maximum Water Lift: 85m
Max. Flow: 1500L/min
Rated Flow: 1200L/min
Rated Pressure: 0.6Mpa

JBC6.0/20HD curve performance graph

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