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QXWL1324BD-T125-HQ (Lithium battery type) mobile water mist fire fighting device

QXWL13/24BD-T125-HQ (Lithium battery type) mobile water mist fire fighting device

Categorie: Water Mist Fire Extinguishing Device

One-click control panel
The operation is more easier and quicker by One-click control panel

QXWL1324BD-T125-HQ (Lithium battery type) mobile water mist fire fighting device
QXWL1324BD-T125-HQ (Lithium battery type) mobile water mist fire fighting device


Guarantee the need of long time fire fighting
It can effectively put out a fire with its 125L water tank in the absence of water source,lasting for 6 minutes.The water tank can be replenished by equipped fire hydrant interface,ensuring the need of extinguishing fire.

One-click control panel
The operation is more easier and quicker by One-click control panel

High performance spray nozzle
Three situation of high performance spray nozzle:spray,spray water mist,spray foam

Superior quality battery
Superior quality genuine aluminum battery can be recharged more than 1000 times,lasting for stable performance and ling time use.

Anti-collision protection
The front section adopts anti-collision protection device which can effectively protect the whole equipment, ensuring the safety of the whole equipment and increasing the convenience.

High performance of extinguishing fire
Fire extinguishing level:20A,297B is the highest level in the same product.

Long service time
The use of high-strength genuine Italian pump,which greatly extends the service life of the product.

Reduce noise and vibration
High performance battery and brushless motor are used as power source which achieve energy saving and environmental protection as well as greatly reduce noise and vibration of the whole equipment.

High impact high pressure hose
High impact and high pressure hose is used to make the whole hose burst pressure up to 80 MPa.

Anti-corrosion of overall unit
The whole equipment is made of 304 stainless steel except the engine, which can guarantee the the whole machine out of corrosion(Option for higher grade 316 stainless steel)

Self inhalation of foam medium
The foam medium adopts self inhalation method, and can connect foam liquid tank, which will avoid the phenomenon of deterioration caused by long-time storage of foam liquid, making it use at any time.


Motor model: Permanent Magnet Brushless motor OKD112B-48V
Power/speed: 6KW/1500rpm/min
Starting method: One click starting,Nozzle off and equipment stops
Battery life: 75Min
Fire extinguishing performance level: 20A、297B
Overall dimension: 1400x760x920mm
Power type: Motor type
Water mist spray nominal flow: 24L/Min
Water mist spray nominal pressure: 130Bar
Spraying rang: 14.5M
Nominal spraying flow: 24L/Min
Nominal spraying pressure: 130Bar
Spray range: 16M
Volume of liquid storage tank: 125L National standard
The length of hose: 50M

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