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What happens when a fire pump idles

What will happen if the fire pump is idle? Will it affect the normal operation of the fire pump? The answer is that the fire pump in a very short time idling will not cause damage (within 1 minute), a long time idling will have an impact on the fire pump.

Why does the fire pump idle phenomenon? It is very simple, insufficient or no liquid in the fire pump is the so-called idling, then just analyze why the liquid will be insufficient for the following reasons:

1, the fire pump's inlet medium is not enough or the inlet pressure is not enough
2、Fire pump inlet pipe is blocked
3、The air in the cavity of the fire pump is not exhausted

Fire pump idling, the liquid can not be properly transported out, equivalent to do is useless, for the pump, the impact is still relatively large, serious cases will likely be directly damaged pump.
Idle fire pump is easy to vaporize, the pump body and overflow parts damage;
Idle fire pump parts do not get liquid lubrication, resulting in dry wear, thus rapid damage; parts heat, no liquid cooling by the role of thermal expansion and contraction of those narrow gap positions (such as sealing ring) is easy to bite.

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