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What you need to know about purchasing fire pumps?

Fire pump is a special pump installed on fire engines, fixed fire extinguishing systems or other fire fighting facilities, used to transport liquid fire extinguishing agents such as water or foam solutions, thus it can be seen that the fire pump is an important part of the fire fighting facilities.

Fire pumps can be divided into multiple categories according to their use and composition. In addition, there are many models of fire pumps, so for beginners, the purchase of fire pumps is also difficult.

So what do you need to pay attention to when purchasing a fire pump? Let's take a look below!

I. Selection of procurement sources

1. Professional fire fighting pump manufacturer.

If the offline purchase must choose a well-known, good reputation of the business to buy, so that it is easier to purchase the quality and price are guaranteed products. 

Forest Fire Pump

2. Online purchase

When buying fire pumps online, you also need to choose a well-known fire pump manufacturer or factory to purchase. You also need to pay attention to the manufacturer's ability to provide qualification certificates that meet industry standards. And rich after-sales service content. For example, FAQ (graphic description or video demonstration). This will allow newcomers to quickly understand the product and reduce the number of accidents. In the event of an accident, a quick remedy can be made.

2. Selection of fire pump products

1. Select the appropriate flow

The flow rate of the fire pump, i.e. the output water, should be selected according to the need for a suitable flow rate of the fire pump.

2. Select the fire pump that meets the lift requirements

Lift refers to the height that the pump can lift water, and is an important working performance parameter of the pump, which is particularly important for the selection of fire pumps. The lift of the fire pump is about 1.2 times the water lifting height. If the vertical height of the water source to the water is 20 meters, the required lift is about 23 to 24 meters. The head on the nameplate of the fire pump should be close to the required head, and the deviation should not exceed 20%. In this case, the fire pump is more efficient, more energy efficient and more economical to use. If the lift on the nameplate is much smaller than the required lift, the fire pump often cannot meet the needs of the user, and even if it can pump water, the water volume is very small. On the other hand, when the high lift fire pump is at low lift, there will be excessive flow, which will cause the motor to be overloaded. If the motor runs for a long time, the temperature of the motor increases, the winding insulation layer gradually ages, and even burns the motor.

3. Areas to consider when purchasing

1. According to the local natural environment

The popular fire pumps are centrifugal pumps and Eddy current pump. The centrifugal pump has high head but not much water transfer, suitable for mountainous areas and irrigation well areas; the Eddy current pump has water transfer and head between centrifugal pump and axial flow pump, suitable for plain and hilly areas. Users should buy according to the local situation, water source and water level.

2. According to performance 

After determining the type of fire pump, it is necessary to consider its economic performance, paying special attention to the lift and flow rate of the fire pump and its support force selection. It is important to note that the head indicated on the fire pump logo is different from the head in use because there is a certain resistance loss when the water flows through the water pipes and tubes. In order to make the fire pump start quickly and safely, the power of the power machine can also be slightly greater than the power required by the fire pump.

3. Certification

Different countries have different requirements for the production standards of fire pumps, so before you buy, please keep abreast of the local standards for the use of fire fighting supplies and communicate with the seller about the certificate in time.